Megan and Craig

Most little girls dream of meeting their Prince Charming, having that fairytale wedding, and living Happily Ever After. Reality has proven this is not always how love begins or dreams come true. Sometimes it sneaks up on you and takes you by complete surprise. That is what happened to Craig 2 ½ years ago when he met Megan, a stunning brunette with sparkling eyes and an infectious smile and her two charming, adorable kids. Craig, a self-described bachelor, didn’t buy into all that fairytale romance, love at first-sight, “it will happen when you least expect it” nonsense, until it happened to him. He finally met the woman of his dreams, the one he had wished for all his life, the one that made him a better man, so, when Megan set up the appointment with Whiskey and Wine photography for family pictures he knew this was the perfect opportunity to surprise her with a proposal. 

Craig contacted Becky to see if she could help with what he had in mind and of course she said, “yes”, so plans were made, and locations set. The day finally arrives! It’s a crisp, autumn day full of apples, pumpkins, flowers, and love.  This beautiful family of four steps out of their car, looking up at the gray, gloomy sky praying that the rain holds off until the perfect family pictures can be obtained. Megan voices concern about the weather and if it might not be better to postpone as they make their way towards the orchard. Becky, their photographer, puts them at ease that the weather doesn’t matter, that sometimes it is the imperfections that make the shot, and they just may be surprised by the outcome. 

Craig and Megan are smiling and holding hands while the children are laughing and enjoying the freshly picked apples and playing around the plump, orange pumpkins. Stopping here and there to have their pictures taken. You can’t help but get caught up in the contagious energy and happiness. Moving to a small field of vibrant sunflowers in hues of yellow, orange and red, the stage is set for this spectacular proposal. When the moment is right, Becky has Megan look into Craig’s eyes and tell him one thing that she appreciates about him. She pauses momentarily, smiles, and tells him “his patience”. Becky then asks Craig to do the same for Megan. As the children sit on a nearby blanket, Craig begins to tell Megan how he never thought he would get married until she came into his life, how much he adores her and can’t live without her. He then pulls out a gorgeous, hand-crafted, wooden ring box from Australia and drops down on one knee. He gingerly opens the box with trembling hands, showing her an extraordinarily, fabulous, rose-gold engagement ring with a sparkling diamond solitaire surrounded by smaller diamonds that he designed himself. As she stares at him in shocked, disbelief he asks her “Will you marry me?”

The huge smile on her face and twinkle in her eyes is enough to tell anyone what her answer is going to be. As she tells Craig “YES”, he gently places the ring on her finger, rises from bended knee, kisses his brand-new fiancée, and embraces her lovingly. Channing, Megan’s son, smiles and proclaims, “Well that’s never happened before.” He then runs to his mom and Craig and hugs her. Hadley, Megan’s daughter, is a bit more subdued, and watches from the blanket taking it all in. It was such a joy to be part of this magically, perfect day with the sweetest, most romantic proposal. Proving that fairytales really do come true. 

Stephanie and Bethany

The simple elegance that the brides bring to their wedding is as inspiring as their day is eclectic. From that initial swipe right to the first kiss as a married couple you can feel the joy and love these two share. Bethany and Stephanie show their devotion all day in different ways. There are special gifts and words of love, simply beautiful décor by Stephanie and handcrafted drinks by Bethany for their guests. The smiles never stop shining and the love keeps flowing all day as friends and family gather to share in the ceremony of these two brides.

Warm wooden floors, twinkling lights and soft pastel flowers are what greet you as you walk to your seat. Delicate lavender flowers are illuminated by fairy lights along the isle as wooden beams draped in dangling lights soar high overhead. These two could not have picked a warmer more rustic venue to profess their love and they do just that surrounded by their loved ones. As they step out as a new married couple, nothing could be more perfect then the sheer joyousness and reflection of rainbows found in the cascading bubbles their guests bestow upon them. This is just the beginning of their modern-day-fairytale.

Amidst the day long celebration not only are there pictures of the guest and wedding and all that entails but these special little moments caught between the brides. There are romantic kisses out by the barn and hidden under the shade of apple trees in the sprawling orchard. While Bethany celebrates with the groomsmen and pours them champagne, Stephanie is having a moment with the bridesmaids. I’m amazed, as I look closer, that the light and joy these brides bring to this day has increased the value of the cement pillars around them and gravel under their feet into a sunlit sanctuary for the entire wedding party to relax and enjoy a few minutes of togetherness.

Next, we are off to Frieman Square were sparkling fountains and dazzling sunshine are the backdrop for the merriment of the friends in the wedding. Each person shares their flair for life in this lighthearted photo array. The happiness in Bethany and Stephanie’s smiles cannot be contained in these afternoon pictures. A quick walk to Club soda is where Bethany treats the wedding party to her handmade perfectly shaken (not stirred) martinis and cigars on the balcony.

The reception is inviting, relaxed and magical. There is vibrant art on the walls and color everywhere. There is a brilliantly colored backdrop for the guests’ photo op pleasure. The heart shaped wedding cake is encircled by a rainbow of cupcakes. Everywhere you look are little drops of light. They are on the tables and hanging down the walls. There is a curtain of firefly lights draped behind the wedding table. The evening festivities continue with lively music and dancing. Amid the party Bethany and Stephanie still find a moment to sneak away and just be together, savoring the joy and hope this new marriage brings.

Please enjoy their gallery at the link below.